Self-image and Panic disorder

Self-image plays an essential role in several emotional disorders, including panic disorder. Panic disorder is quite common among emotional disorders and is in fact a symptom of emotions getting too intense. Often it concerns fear, but sadness is usually also involved.

I would like to post in a video how this Self-image plays an important role in a panic disorder. It is just an example where not all possible thoughts in a panic disorder are discussed. But it does give an impression of how important self-image is in maintaining a panic disorder.

My most important message remains: without a change in your self-image, your panic disorder will not really be cured or reduced. It is possible that a standard cognitive behavioral therapy protocol will diminish your panic disorder, but there is a good chance that your panic disorder will return more quickly if your Self-image does not change sufficiently.

A short explanation of the video clip

The video below is 'nothing fancy'. Expect a boring video in terms of design, but I mainly made it for the content.

The content is mainly that at the core of your personality, your Self-Image, often 1 or 2 so-called self-image demons (technically they are called: negative core beliefs) are unconsciously active. In a panic disorder, this is mainly the idea that you are in danger, the so-called In Danger demon.

This idea automatically (and unconsciously) also causes the so-called Rules of Life, rules on the basis of which you think and, above all, act. In the video, for example, you immediately start to think that heightened emotions and physical signals are not good for you, even dangerous.

Based on these rules of life, you naturally behave very anxiously and think that you are going crazy, for example, or that you are going to faint or completely lose control.

As a result, that self-image demon continues to be proven right: you are in danger and at the same time completely Powerless.

The video also explains what you need to do in terms of treatment: learn to recognize and attack your Self-Image demons. You must also learn to change your Rules of Life and of course also your Behavior. If you dare or simply do it, you will notice that it almost always has positive consequences.

For further explanation about the Self-Image Model, see also this page about the Self-Image.


The video above explains the role of your Self-image in a Panic Disorder. The causes, maintenance and treatment of a Panic Disorder are briefly discussed.

To read more about the treatment of a panic disorder you have to stay tuned and wait for this page to be published soon.


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