Feri Kovács Clinical neuropsychologist

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I was born in the Netherlands in 1964, a fantastic year for the Beatles, with a very hot summer in the middle of which my mother was rushed to a hospital, 6 weeks before my actual 'due' date. Just born and already caved by a oxygen chamber, already high in this world.

I studied psychology just because I was interested in everything about human beings: their biology, their philosophy, their ethics, their violence, their mutual trust, their cooperation which has led to enormous achievements.

In this study I specialized in neuropsychology and rehabilitation. This field studies the relationship between brain and behavior, more specifically: brain injury and its consequences and how to cope with it.

After working as a PhD student I finally found a clinical job which bought me and my wife a house. This was so time and energy consuming that I could not finish my PhD thesis (one of my regrets in life). However, I did develop a specific training (TPM: Time Pressure Management) and got more experience in treating traumatic brain injured patients. 

This expertise led to my job in a rehabilitation center in Leiden, at which I stayed for 18 years. Then I started my own clinical practice (for 6 years), found a job in mental health care (where I am still working now), and I worked online for an American company involved in Alzheimer research for 6 years. Now, I am only working 4 days a week in the mental health for 2 employers.

Today I might have seen well over 5000 clients, either with or without brain injury and/or mental health issues.

One of the reasons I blog and made this website is to honor all those clients who have taught me so much with their amazing, though often sad, stories. I hope that my knowledge with all this experiences can support and actually help other people. 

Parallel to my daytime job, I have my own test software company Pyramid Productions. Its mission is to improve neuropsychological tests and thereby to improve the research and treatment of brain injured people.

Privately, I have had some pretty rough times the last couple of years. Losing my mother at 63 (sudden heart failure) after my own divorce almost 16 years ago now. Losing my father in 2022 (he was 81).

I have 2 daughters, now 20 and 26.

My hobbies? Well, I am still interested in a lot of things but movies (the English patient, The Matrix trilogy, Interstellar, Inception, Memento, just to name a few), padel, cycling, are just one of many hobbies I used to or are doing now. Last but not least: English is not my first language (haven't you noticed?) so it could be that some sentences are a bit strange. I hope you can forgive me for this and tell me about any corrections I can make in the text. Thanks!


I will not take any responsibility for how the information on this website will affect you. It always remains your responsibility to handle all information with care and in case of medical or mental problems you should ALWAYS consult a professional in your neighbourhood!

Ik neem geen enkele verantwoordelijkheid voor hoe de informatie op deze site u zal beïnvloeden. Het blijft altijd uw verantwoordelijkheid om al deze informatie zorgvuldig te bekijken. In het geval van lichamelijke en/of mentale problemen dient u ALTIJD een professional in uw directe omgeving te waarschuwen!