Goal of this website

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This website is all about (neuro)psychology. It dives into the secrets of treatment, mental health problems, mental illness and suggests further reading. The main goal is to reveal things you do not read elsewhere on the Internet. This 'secret' information comes from scientific sources, anecdotes from clinical practice in treating people, books of experts, courses, symposia, and... using my own reasoning and experiences. 

Care is taken to provide readers with up to date knowledge that is based on sound scientific thinking and data gathered in clinical practice, from myself as well as from other clinicians. Whenever information is less based on hard scientific evidence, this will be explicitly mentioned as the opinion or hypothesis of me.

This website should be inspirational and fun to read. It can be considered Info-tainment: presenting information in such a way that it can be easily understood for most educated people. It should also inspire to further reading and exploring other information sources.  

Finally: this website is supposed to become a rich resource for people more interested in (neuro)psychology. Resources such as handy questionnaires, like personality questionnaires, stress questionnaires and questionnaires that can help you to know more about yourself, how to improve yourself and how to live your life in a more (mentally) healthy way. Also a lot of informational pictures, graphics, videos will be displayed. Some will be for free, for some one has to pay a few dollars.

Please feel free to visit this Site as often as you like. It will be expanding every month, as new information will be added regularly. 


I will not take any responsibility for how the information on this website will affect you. It always remains your responsibility to handle all information with care and in case of medical or mental problems you should ALWAYS consult a professional in your neighbourhood!

Ik neem geen enkele verantwoordelijkheid voor hoe de informatie op deze site u zal beïnvloeden. Het blijft altijd uw verantwoordelijkheid om al deze informatie zorgvuldig te bekijken. In het geval van lichamelijke en/of mentale problemen dient u ALTIJD een professional in uw directe omgeving te waarschuwen!